A specialised service offered to businesses for a number of reasons. We all find ourselves sometimes in situations that need answers, answers that you don't have and need to have. From finding out if someone is lying, to fraud, we also move into investigations for theft syndicates and crimes that are business related.


Our investigations team are a top class team with proven results that cannot be disputed, and a high level of confidentiality for all our customers is our most important priority.

Fraud & Theft


Blue and White collar fraud and theft is becoming more commonly experienced as a common occurrence in struggling economies with high unemployment rates.


Our team of experts will infiltrate your business and weed out the underhanded activity within record time, giving you evidence to make better decisions with.


Don't let your business fail as a result of being defrauded of your hard earn profits.


Let us help you find peace of mind, either way.

Background Checks


Checking someones background information has become a modern day necessity.  As the world becomes smaller and access to information becomes easier, so to does the fabrication of fraudulent information become almost a daily occurrence.


If you need to verify information, let us help you with the checks and give you the answers you seek.


Its best to know before making important decisions.



People go missing for a multitude of reasons. It's these reasons that sometimes are not well understood or known and we find ourselves with no answers to be able to move on or make decisions.


Crime and Fraud are the most common reasons people fall off the radar, they owe you money, or have taken something from you, or didn't do what they were supposed to do.  You are left with the short end of the stick.


Let us help you find the people you need to face, to get finalisation and closure.

Polygraph Testing


Lying is the disease of the 21st century.  It's the easiest thing to do to get what we want. Unfortunately it affects us in many ways.


We get defrauded, we get done in, we get cheated on and many other means of deceit come into play.


We have specialised equipment to help you identify a person who is being dishonest.


Put them to the Test

Business Intelligence


Being in the know is one of the most powerful business tools to have at your disposal.


We have a team of specialised business investigators that do market research, that can perform remote observations on suspected fraudulent activities, they can also go into your organisation as undercover agents to weed out dishonesty, corruption and fraud.


Don't get caught in a position where you dont know what's going on.


Knowledge is Power.

Insurance Investigations


This is a service we provide to Insurance Companies who suspect false claims have been submitted to them for settlement.


Unfortunately as Economic pressures rise in the world, so to do the levels of fraud rise as people try all means possible to defraud insurance companies out of money.


This is a dedicated and specialised service offered to our insurance related customers.