Job Search


We have all at some point or other found ourselves out in the job market. The reasons range from the simplest, like: I've just finished school and need to work, or, I have just finished my qualification and want to start a career in my chosen field, or, I have just been laid off due to restructuring, and many many more.


Whatever your reason, ICL REZOLVE partners with many businesses to source the right skills and the right people for specific positions in those businesses.  We are not your run of the mill recruitment agency.  We get to know our customers, their needs, their dynamics, the sense of community they possess, and we also learn about you, we try and understand how you think, what type of personality you have, and where best you will fit in.


Our goal is to put you and our customers in the perfect fit scenario, this ensures a long lasting relationship for all involved.  A happy client always comes back again and again and again. This is what ICL REZOLVE prides itself in.  Your success is our success.