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Life Coaches, Personal trainers of the psyche - David Graham, The Star


Toronto - Consider them best friends with benefits.


​Life coaches, like good friends, are there for you. They are confidants and cheerleaders, motivators and mentors. For a price, you can bask in their rapt attention, burden them with all your problems and map out solutions to any number of life's dilemmas. In this relationship it's all about you.


​These modern-day gurus, who provide a sympathetic, non-judgmental ear may be the ultimate selfish luxury in a culture that's become remarkably comfortable about buying services.

Latest changes in Legislation

The changing workplaces review - Ontario Ministry of Labor - July 2016


Ontario is conducting a review of the changing nature of the workplace.


​An Interim Report has been released with a range of options to amend Ontario’s Labour Relations Act, 1995, and Employment Standards Act, 2000 to better protect workers while supporting business in today’s economy.


​The review’s Special Advisors, Michael Mitchell and former Justice John Murray, are seeking submissions on the options in the Interim Report.

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