What We Do and How We Do It

The services that ICL REZOLVE GROUP offer as a company, focus on success, your success.


In today's fast paced careers and lifestyles we often lose touch with the important things that drive us as people and as businesses, the things that energize, the things that motivate, the things that develop growth, the things that really make a big difference to how we interact and how others interact with us.


As are businesses individuals which have a vast number of personalities, managing these personalities while trying to grow and run a business is very, very complicated. The time and resources needed to excel in this area in any business are mostly last priority and receive very little attention. While Canada is renowned for its challenging labor laws and unionized environments, we aim to help you understand, get you through it and give you these much needed services to allow you the time to focus on your business's real goals.


Motivation is the key driver to success in any situation or circumstance, we are driven by goals, by needs, and by desires on a daily basis. Similarly we are faced with negativity in many shapes and forms at the very same time. Business needs constant motivation to aspire and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves. Not only is motivation needed for goals but also in general life and career situations. How to think, how to feel, how to deal with situations we find complicated and challenging, how to motivate others, how to acknowledge and how to reward.  It's a mystery to most, so let us help you focus on the lessons life throws at us daily to achieve your business objectives.


Our Immigration division is a key aspect of providing businesses and people from all over the world with sound legal immigration advice and services which enhance their business with the right skills and talent, or by helping people with high skills levels from all over the world immigrate to and make Canada their home.  ICL Immigration Inc is a registered Canadian Immigration consultancy which is regulated by the ICCRC in Canada, which governs the services, ethics and rules by which these services may be rendered.


Our CEO, Clinton Emslie, is a passionate business leader, who goes above and beyond to ensure our staff, our clients and everyone who deals with us feel the effects of exemplary products and service.