Talent Acquisition


Talent is a set of personal characteristics that enhance ones ability to achieve expertise in an accelerated manner.  These traits allow one to improve at quicker rates than others in their field that are at the same level of expertise/fitness/skill, etc. This is because talent is ones ability to adapt to training and develop skills in their specialised field.  Talent exists when strong genetics and a desire to practice come together to create superior ability for a specific activity.  It can only exist along with a deliberate interest. Because of this, talent will often only become apparent after a moderate amount of practice as this is when ones ability to adapt and improve is more clearly visible. Talent is not merely ones “base” ability at a task – this comes about often as a result of exposure to skills and experiences in ones early days.


In most businesses today, one sits and thinks, how do I find talented people to work for me? People who are really, really good at what they do? This is where you turn to companies like ICL REZOLVE that focus on actually going out there and finding these very specific people for you.


It's not an easy job, as talent is a very elusive breed. Many think they have it, many would like to have it, but in reality only very few actually have it. We are good at finding this type of talent for your business.


Talent acquisition is a more definitive form of recruitment. We set out with a very specific set of requirements, and most of the time it's not limited to a list of qualifications, it's about the whole package that makes this form of recruitment very rewarding. Contact the ICL REZOLVE talent scouts for more information.

Head Hunting


Headhunting (also known as Executive Search) is the process of recruiting individuals to fill executive positions in organisations. Executive search may be performed by an organisation's board of directors, by executives in the organisation, or by an outside executive search organisation.

On Campus


On campus recruiting is an excellent way to connect with selected undergraduate and graduate students. ICL REZOLVE team will work with you to help you create a successful recruitment strategy and giving you access to some of the brightest students graduating from the countries universities.

International Search


Cant find what you need locally?  Our ICL REZOLVE team have international contacts and relationships with some of the best international head hunting agencies.


Let the team engage with you to find the right person