Workforce Development


Workforce development is a concept that integrates workforce analytics and careful planning, human resource management and ability development to strengthen business success by aligning the workforce to both current and future service delivery demands and business skill requirements.


Workforce development requires a focus on the customer and making whole systems adjustments to accommodate customers needs.  From a systems perspective, it could include business analytics, policies, job specifications, recruitment trends, talent acquisition, talent retention, separation of talent, as well as resources, support mechanisms, ability development and performance based incentives.


Most businesses are not aware of what workforce development actually means, what it includes, who it involves, why it is important and how it varies to the traditional vocational education and training systems.  Many still have a limited view of workforce development, seeing it as:


  • Identifying and filling current and future jobs in the business or
  • Professional development - the training and development of individual staff members or
  • Vocational/technical education and meeting skills shortages.


This lack of focus on the policies and practices needed to support the whole system has resulted in ad hoc approaches that have not been integrated across businesses and therefore are not sustainable.


Workforce development is involving the vocational education and training systems and working closely with individual businesses, clusters of businesses and other partners, to:


  • Facilitate the adoption of high performance practices and training programs
  • Pursue value-add and innovation inclined products and service strategies
  • Develop new connections and methods to employee relations and career development
  • Integrate on-the-job skills development with mutually beneficial policies and strategies in relation to business investment, the adoption of new technology, changes to product markets, work organisation, job design and wage structures.


Skills Plans & Training Plans


Training is a vital part of a business.  Staying up to date with current trends and skill sets in the markets is crucial to staying ahead of the pack. Your competitors may be one step ahead of you and that's the last place you want to be.


Training your existing workforce is critical in todays world where the basic education systems are no longer enough.


As hundreds of thousands of youth enter the workforce annually it's important to ensure those within your business are equipped properly to perform the tasks required for business success.

Basic Skills Development


You are finding it frustrating that your workforce cannot do what you require of them.  You cannot afford to hire the ones with the degrees and diplomas?


This is when you have to invest into your existing workforce to skill them up to the level where you can make use of those skills.


It's not as easy as you may think, so let the development team help you with this and get your business to the levels of performance it deserves to be at.

Leadership Development


Having good leaders in a business is an important resource to achieve business success.


Developing current leaders with better skills ultimately equips them to better handle people and processes.  It allows them information with which to better make decisions that are important and accurate.


Our programs around leadership development is quite unique as we focus on leadership development as opposed to manager development.  The difference??


People follow Leaders, Managers manage people!!

Business Skills Development


Having the correct skills in managing your business is paramount to growth and sustainability.  You and your management teams can all learn a few things on how to better manage the business and steer it in the direction of its goals.


Our team of business experts are ready to help you along that path to success and achievement.


Do the right thing and let the team provide you with the right skills for your business.

Motivations & Inspirations


Keeping your team motivated to perform and achieve your goals, is probably going to be the most difficult thing you will need to do in business.  Peoples emotions are one of the most challenging things to control.


Motivation and Inspiration feeds the soul, it empowers people to get up and do the things that need doing.  It rejuvenates the willingness to cooperate and work as part of a team.


Our motivation workshops will do wonders in your business, so get the power back into your workforce and inspire them.

Youth Development Training


The next generation is knocking at your door, they are young, they are wild, they are free. Employing youth into your business is a risk, because generally a lack of skills accompanies the youth.


It is in your power to mould and shape these youngsters to become the future leaders in your businesses.  Empowering them through skills programs, in-house training, development and coaching will yield you a future investment worth its weight in gold.


Can you afford not to invest into your businesses future?

Grant Funding


Need funds to start a business or needs fund to provide capital for a special project?


Our team has vast experience with grant funding, working with government institutions and regulatory bodies.


Let their wealth of knowledge assist you with applying for the funding thats needed in your business.


Take the frustration out of not knowing where to go or what to do and leave it to our team.

Recruitment & Talent Identification


Finding the right staff for your business is time consuming and at best frustrating as you really don't have the time to wade through and read hundreds of Resume's.


Also attracting the right skills into your business in the form of talent is rather complicated.


Our team of recruitment and talent specialists will be at your service to screen, check and only provide you with the quality your business deserves.


Contact the talent team to setup a consultation.



Employing someone new and not quite sure they fit the grade with their skills they claim to have?  Well fear not, we are equipped with psychometric test and personality profiles that will give you all the answers you seek about someone.


Teams at the office are clashing constantly and struggling to work together?  Let us assist personality profiling and provide the team with valuable insights into the dynamics that make them tick.


This will really open their eyes and you will see a huge change in the working relationships.

Career Development


Making a career choice is not something that happens only once: over the course of your life, you will make many. These choices need to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.


Your career choices are shaped by what employers and/or clients want and by changes that impact globally.


Employers seek transferable work related skills that make you adaptable in the fast changing workplace: skills such as working with others effectively, self-management, and thinking and reasoning skills.


We offer counselling in this area to help you facilitate the choices you are faced with making.

Employee Relations


Essentially, Employee Relations is concerned with preventing and resolving problems involving individuals which arise out of or affect work situations. Advice is provided to supervisors on how to correct poor performance and employee misconduct.


Our team of experts are fully equipped to help you with these processes. The Counsellors, Advisors and Legal experts can provide all the relative information to both employee and business to better the relationships.


Give them a call.